Moving Customer Testimonials


"Thank you for being such a big help to us. John & Steve were professional and moved everything quickly. We will definitely keep you in mind if we need assistance in the future."


~ Mary, Michigan


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Intrastate Moving Company Information


Further than local, but a move within the same state. If your relocation is taking you across the city limit 50 miles or more it is considered an intrastate relocation. The charges for a Michigan intrastate relocation are much like that of an interstate move. The charges for an intrastate move are based on the weight of the shipment or cubic foot measurement and the distance (miles) your belongings will cover from your origin to your destination within the state of Michigan. There is then a schedule of rates (tariff) published by the Michigan Movers Association that is used to compute your total costs.


Intrastate relocation charges are calculated by what you actually ship and how far it travels. Therefore, it is extremely important that you receive an honest and accurate estimate. We have the knowledge and experience it takes to provide you with a quote you can trust. And the service to back it up.


We can give you a free estimate based on your online cube sheet submission and/or a physical survey to determine your weight. We are looking forward to being of service.

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