Moving Customer Testimonials


"Thank you for being such a big help to us. John & Steve were professional and moved everything quickly. We will definitely keep you in mind if we need assistance in the future."


~ Mary, Michigan


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Restricted Items


The Unmovable's

By law, there are some items van lines are not allowed to move, so be sure you don't pack them. You may choose to take some of them yourself, while others should be thrown away. Check local disposal ordinances first, there are now stringent regulations on many substances.



Moving plants, whether indoors or outdoors, is a tricky business. First of all, many states require that all plants being brought into the state must be inspected. Second, most plants are too delicate to survive in a moving van. Shifts in temperature and lack of water often prove fatal. If you still want to move plants yourself, check with your local Department of Agriculture, otherwise, you could spread insects or disease. Your best bet is to leave garden plants in the ground and give away your house plants to friends and neighbors.



Animals can get nervous and upset weeks before the actual move. Their eating, sleeping and other habits may change. Be aware of this and do what you can to maintain their routine. When all else fails, a little extra love and attention can go a long way toward making your pet feel better. Make sure their dishes and favorite blanket and toys are packed for immediate use on arrival.


Traveling Gear

Before you have everything else packed up, get together the clothes and supplies you'll need for the trip to your new home. If you are traveling by plane, pack light and carry on a small bag that contains night things, a change of clothes, valuables and prescriptions. That way, you'll be prepared for any number of problems that may arise. If you are traveling by car, you'll want to take many of the same items. You'll also want to take along some things to make the trip itself more comfortable and enjoyable.

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